Am I too Fat to Get a Massage or Zero Balancing?

Body Positive at SeaRhythms Massage in Charlotesville, VA
Body Positive at SeaRhythms Massage in Charlotesville, VA
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I’ve had people, who were desperately in need of bodywork for health reasons, tell me they would schedule one as soon as they could lose some weight and start working out more.

This always takes me by surprise, because truthfully, how much a person weighs or how fit they are is the least of my concerns when I lay my hands on them.

I do understand, though, why people worry about this.  I really do. How could you not in a society that glorifies fake, airbrushed images and an unattainable standard of perfection?

There is also a false idea in the world that therapeutic bodywork has something to do with sex, and therefore you have to look sexy to get a massage.  WRONG. So very, very wrong.

Here is the reality.

I am not a model and I don’t play one on TV.  I don’t think any of my clients are either.  I am a real person who works with real people, who have real stress, and real aches and pains.

We come in all shapes and sizes.  Different ages mean different levels of muscle tone and different amounts of wrinkles and different levels of sagging skin.  Different life experiences and backgrounds mean different ratios of adipose (fat) to lean muscle.

NONE of this affects my ability to give someone the therapeutic bodywork session that they need, nor does any of this diversity offend me in the least.

We all want to be healthier. Most of us could stand to lose a little weight.  Massage can meet you where you are at RIGHT NOW, and can even help you along toward your health goals.

Every body that lays on my table holds a unique person who can, among a multitude of abilities, breathe, love, laugh, and cry.

After I lay hands on them, they can also sigh with satisfaction as I help them release tension and pain.  They can experience the bliss of nurturing, healing touch. They can leave my office walking a little taller, feeling a little easier in their bodies, perhaps even feeling a little more confident in themselves.

This is what is truly beautiful to me.