Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage in Charlottesville, Va.

Hot & Cold Stone Massage

I am no longer offering full body hot / cold stone massage.

For a full body hot stone massage, I recommend you contact my colleague, Kirby Moore, who offers a unique Shamanic Hot Stone protocol. Read more at his website: Wisdom Healing Arts

Hot Stone Massage

  • 90 Min HOT STONE Massage - $140
  • 60 Min Hot Stone Massage - $110
Choose this for nurturing, soothing, and euphoric relaxation

A HOT STONE massage is especially nice during the cold winter months!  A relaxation massage that takes the experience to a whole new level, often leaving your body completely tension free and your mind in a state of euphoric bliss. Muscles melt like butter!

A healing hot stone massage combines warm oil, gently heated stones, and nurturing massage to lull you into a blissful state of relaxation.

Heat is conveyed deep into the muscular & fascial tissues as the therapist glides warm basalt stones over the major muscle groups during the full body massage. Deliciously warm stones are also placed at the solar plexus, heart & sacral chakras, and other energy points, to open energy flow channels throughout the body.

Hot & Cold Stone Massage at SeaRhythms Healing Arts in Charlottesville, VA

Hot & Cold Stone Massage

  • 90 Min HOT & COLD Stone Massage - $140
Choose this if you want to deeply relax and also address any type of pain, inflammation, swelling, injury, or bloating/fluid retention.

HOT & COLD stone massage has all the deeply relaxing and balancing benefits of a hot stone massage, plus the cold stones interspersed with hot stones provides a deep tissue therapy that can quickly relieve pain, trigger points, muscle spasms, and congested fluids.

Hot/cold contrast can relieve swelling and help heal acute injuries. It is also good to help relieve bloating and lymphatic congestion. The contrast temperatures feel amazing and the effect on the tissues is very healing.

Especially nice during the hot summer months!

Cold Stone Massage at SeaRhythms Healing Arts in Charlottesville, VA

Cold Stone Massage

  • 90 Min COLD Stone Massage - $140
  • 60 Min COLD Stone Massage - $110
Choose this if you want to address any type of pain or inflammation, and prefer not to have the hot stones

Cold Stone massage combines traditional therapeutic massage with deep tissue cold stone therapy.

Cold stones massaged deeply into the body initially cause the tissues to contract, sending fluids away from the area. Then, as the body registers the deep cold sensation, it will activate mechanisms to bring fresh circulation back to the area to warm it up.

This geothermal, biochemical reaction is very effective at chasing away pain & inflammation, and relieving the associated tension in the body.


Description of Stone Massages

I have been in love with hot stone massage since the first time I was introduced to it in massage school. There is really nothing that quite compares to the incredibly relaxing and grounding effects it offers. I have been providing hot stone massage to my clients for over10 years now. More recently, I also learned how to use cold stones for deep tissue therapy, from Native American Medicine Woman, Jenny Ray.

Stone Massage is a full-body deep relaxation treatment. Client disrobes for this therapy and oils/ lotions are used.

Your session may include Abdominal massage or a delightful foot reflexology with complimentary hot towels depending on your preferences.

Massage with warm stones soothes the nervous system, reducing stress & anxiety, and gently allows muscular & fascial tension to melt.

Cold stones quickly relieve pain, trigger points, muscle spasms, and congested fluids. Can relieve swelling and help heal acute injuries. Also good for relieving water retention, bloating, and lymphatic congestion. 

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