Massage for Children – ZB Kids

Massage for Children – ZB Kids! – in Charlottesville, Va.

30 Min session – $60

It seems today’s children are under more stress than ever.  With a faster-paced life in general, busy school & extra-curricular activities, and other stressors, children can become overwhelmed just like adults do.  Their overwhelm can show up in their behavior and in their bodies. I’ve helped many children struggling with anxiety, hyper-activity, aggression, headaches, backaches, sports related pain, and more.

Whether they come in primarily for stress related issues or for discomfort in their bodies, I invariably find musculoskeletal imbalances akin to those I see everyday in adults.  However, children respond to massage much more quickly than adults!  I am always amazed at how fast children heal and improve. Within three sessions we are usually able to improve most physical imbalances and also see a marked improvement in any behavioral or stress related symptoms.

Zero Balancing along with Craniosacral Therapy are tools that allow me to quickly assess and treat musculoskeletal imbalances and misalignments, as well as settle and balance their nervous system to foster feelings of safety and calm.

Children are able to relax, center, and enjoy a state of peacefulness that lasts well beyond the massage session.  The many small traumas (falls, bumps, bruises, and emotional upsets) that children tend to accumulate as they grow are easily cleared. They feel better in their bodies and minds. They also learn healthy self awareness of their own bodies and stress levels and how to manage it.

Children remain clothed during their massage session and a parent stays in the room with them while they receive their treatment.



Benefits of massage for children:

  • Safe, therapeutic touch stimulates the body in positive ways to help with growth and development
  • Massage stimulates cognitive development and increases alertness
  • Stimulates motor development, eases tension and pain
  • Reduces stress hormone levels
  • Decreases feelings of anxiety and contributes to a healthier immune system
  • Helps children sleep better