Stone Medicine

Stone Medicine in Charlottesville, Va.

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Stone Medicine at SeaRhythms Healing Arts in Charlottesville, VA

The body of Mother Earth is made of rock that breaks and moves with weather, breaking down into smaller Stones that later become soil. Rocks carry records that transport electromagnetic energy to Mother’s surface. The Stone People collect the energy and hold it for later use… The Stones used in Traditional Native healing are those found by river banks, along canyon walls and washes, which come to the surface through natural erosion… The Stone People who come to the surface of our Earth Mother are record holders. 

~Jamie Sams, Native American teacher


Stone Medicine is a wonderfully relaxing and grounding therapy!

Stones bring deep earth energy medicine to your healing bodywork session. In Native American tradition, stones are known as the record holders of the Earth.  They are our ancestors. Native American culture has a long tradition of using stones in various modes of healing, including massage and crystal healing.

Likewise, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has also long used stones for healing purposes. TCM has an extensive materia medica detailing the healing properties of thousands of different stones!  The Chinese also once used stones as physical acupuncture tools in the form of crystal tipped needles.

I am currently studying Shamanic Stone Medicine from my teacher, Sarah Thomas, who in turn has studied from Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, Jeffrey Yuen, an 88th generation Daoist priest of the ancient Jade Purity Lineage. 

I have already learned several on-the-body treatments, which have the potential to support deep transformative healing in the receiver.  I will begin offering these treatments (described below) in early 2020. As my studies progress, more protocols may be added in the future!  

Stone Medicine at SeaRhythms Healing Arts in Charlottesville, VA

Stone Medicine for the Soul

Coming soon - January 2020!
Working with principles of acupuncture, therapeutic stones are placed on the body at specific acupoints where their vibrational energy penetrates deeply into the body for healing.

I am currently offering the below treatments, with more to be added as my shamanic stone healing studies progress.

Balancing Stone Treatments in Charlottesville, VA

Centering & Balancing Treatments

Specific Stones are placed on the body with the intention of pulling energy from the periphery of the body back to the midline, and bring balance to the entire body. This is great as an add-on to other bodywork treatments!

Internal Dragons Stone Medicine Treatment in Charlottesville, VA

Internal Dragons Treatment

Clear and release negative or dense energy you may be holding that is not serving your wellbeing. I often do this treatment prior to starting a series with the 8 Extraordinary Channels.

Eight Extraordinary Channels Treatment in Charlottesville, VA

Eight Extraordinary Meridians

This can be one of the most transformative treatment options that I currently offer!

I work with the master acupoints of the Eight Extraordinary Channels, which address our genetic imprinting and ancestral trauma, and that may be causing physical and emotional difficulties in the present. Each channel opens the soul records to address different aspects of our being.

Stones are chosen for their specific therapeutic effects according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, and matched to your particular needs. A series of three treatments is recommend for each channel.

Stone Medicine for the Soul at SeaRhythms Healing Arts in Charlottesville, VA