Is it safe to get a massage when I’m pregnant?

Pregnancy massage at SeaRhythms Massage & Bodywork in Charlottesville, VA

For most women massage during pregnancy is not only safe, but it can be an essential part of their prenatal health care plan.

Take a look at some of the many benefits massage can provide during pregnancy.


  • Relieves Anxiety & Stress, Improves Sleep, Enhances Sense of Well-Being
    Studies show that your levels of stress can directly affect your baby, and can even alter the way its nervous and immune systems develop.  Massage and other types of bodywork are clinically proven to lower stress hormones in mom, and this is very good for your baby.  Read: The Truth About How Mom’s Stress Affects Baby’s BrainMassage also soothes and relaxes the nervous system and releases endorphins into the system.  As a result, you will sleep more easily and more deeply, you will feel less stressed, and your overall sense of well-being will be enhanced.


  • Improves Circulation
    This is one of the most well-known benefits of massage we hear about, but what exactly does it mean during pregnancy?  Here are a few specific results from improved circulation:

      • Reduces fatigue by helping the lymphatic and circulatory systems work better to eliminate cellular waste that can build up and cause fatigue during pregnancy.


      • A better functioning circulatory system helps control the onset of varicose veins and keeps your blood pressure in check.


      • Brings more oxygen and nutrients to the cells of both mother and baby, giving greater vitality to mom and better nourishment to your baby


      • Can help reduce swelling in ankles and feet, and in the rest of the body, due to improved lymphatic circulation


  • Relieves Back Pain And Other Muscular Discomforts
    This is the most common normal complaint during pregnancy. Massage can help alleviate backaches, stiff neck, leg cramping, headaches, sciatic pain, and most other aches and pains you may experience.


  • Keeps Muscles Flexible and Toned
    By relaxing tense muscles and toning loose ones, massage can increase muscle flexibility.  Flexible muscles help you adapt more easily to your changing body throughout pregnancy, and can prepare you for an easier labor and birth.


  •  Keeps Skin Supple And May Help Prevent Excessive Stretch Marks
    Regular massage with a nourishing all-natural oil such as cocoa butter, coconut oil, or jojoba oil can moisturize and nourish the skin, and stimulate healthy skin tone on your entire body, especially the belly. Healthier, more supple skin may be less prone to stretch marks.


Of course, there are a few special health situations in which massage should not be received during pregnancy.  That’s why we always work with your doctor’s consent and have you complete a Pregnancy Health Intake form prior to your first appointment.  This ensures that we have the information needed to provide you with the best possible care, in the safest manner.

For best health benefits during a normal pregnancy, I recommend massage about once per month.  To make this easier financially, we offer discounted packages for multiple sessions.  These packages also make a great gift for the expecting mommy you care about.

Skilled, nurturing massage is safe during most pregnancies, and it is good for both mother and baby.

Recent Reviews

Sabrina S.

I am 39 weeks pregnant and saw Tammy for a prenatal massage. I am so glad that I did! She made me feel super comfortable with multiple pillows for support while I lay on both my sides and in a reclined position. She eased the tension in my shoulders from too much time at the computer and in my calves from the troublesome pregnancy-related leg cramps. Best of all she worked wonders on the sciatic-like pain I have been feeling down through my hip and leg. I highly recommend seeing Tammy – just don’t wait until 39 weeks like I did!

Review of Tammy Mundy

Beth S.

I had a wonderful prenatal massage when I was about 28 weeks pregnant. I left feeling like I could breath easier and that several of my aches and pains related to pregnancy were alleviated. Thanks!

Review of Tammy Mundy