Scope of Service: I provide therapeutic massage and bodywork to adults and children whose health status does not indicate any contraindications.  I do not diagnose illness or disease or perform any medical treatments.

Health Intake: My goal is to contribute to your overall health and well being, and it is important that I am aware of your current health conditions. Before I can provide your first session, I require that you complete and sign a health intake form. You only need to do this once — at subsequent appointments we will only need to update your information, as needed.  Your information is used only for the purpose of ensuring the best possible experience for you, and is held in strictest confidence.

A Doctor’s Referral may be required if you have any of the following conditions: uncontrolled high blood pressure and/or diabetes, blood clots, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), recent head, neck, or spine injury, recent surgery or fracture, cancer, any health condition which seriously impairs vital organ function, or any other condition I determine needs doctor approval for massage.

Sessions will NOT be provided to those who: 1) have an acute and/or infectious illness, a fever, or are very recently over an illness; 2) are intoxicated; 3) have an infectious or inflammatory skin condition (exception: if the skin condition is localized I may offer a modified session which avoids the area in question); 4) have any other condition I determine poses too great a risk to the client or the therapist.

Zero Tolerance Policy for Sexual or Provocative Behavior: Bodywork sessions are not of a sexual nature. Sexual or provocative behavior during a bodywork session is strictly prohibited. Such behavior will result in immediate termination of the session and a police report for sexual harassment will be filed.

Payment Information: I accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards. All fees are payable at the time of service, or can be prepaid when you book your appointment online.

Cancellations / Missed / Late Appointments:
As a respectful courtesy, please arrive on time and always allow at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel. When you book an appointment, I reserve that time just for you and may turn other business away in order to honor it. If you do not keep your appointment as agreed and I do not have enough time to try to fill the spot, my livelihood is negatively affected.

Therefore, if a 24 hour advance notice is not given and you do not keep your scheduled appointment, a cancellation fee of the full amount of your intended session will be due. If you had intended to pay with a gift certificate and you miss your appointment without sufficient notice, the certificate will be voided. If you are late to your appointment, your session may be shortened accordingly, with the full amount due.

I may, at my discretion, elect to waive this policy in cases of documented emergency or illness.  If I need to cancel/ reschedule your appointment it will only be in cases of emergency or illness and I will contact you with as much notice as possible.