What does massage really do to improve your health?

Healthy Inner Ocean at SeaRhythms Massage & Bodywork in Charlottesville, VA

Harmonize Your Inner Ocean

It has been said that life on land became possible when there evolved the ability for creatures to carry their life-sustaining oceans with them internally.

“…before aquatic organisms could achieve those decisive moments when they took to the air and the ground, a means of permanently containing within the organism an adequate supply of the mothering and supporting medium of water had to be developed, so that each and every cell could continue to be bathed in the life-forming solutions of the sea.” — Job’s Body, p. 60

It is true. Over 70% of the body is composed of salty, nutrient-rich, ocean-like water. All of your internal organs are floating in this sea of fluid, which bathes every cell of your tissues and organs, feeding them and receiving their waste products. Your circulating blood brings fresh supplies of oxygen and nutrients to the lymph and carries away its accumulated waste.

With today’s stressful lifestyles, our inner oceans can become congested and burdened with excess waste. Chronic tension can result in poor circulation, impaired metabolism, and ongoing pain, among other health problems.

Techniques used in therapeutic bodywork are a proven and effective means of reducing stress and promoting overall health by releasing tension, promoting circulation and the movement of fluids, and thus harmonizing your inner ocean.

Watch this brief video to get a very thorough explanation of the effects massage triggers in your body to increase your health and well being.