Reflexology – Heaven and Earth

Integrative Reflexology in Charlottesville, Va

Heaven and Earth

 Integrative Reflexology

A heavenly experience grounded in feet that touch the earth

Tammy Mundy, LMT
Certified Integrative Reflexologist

Available as an add-on to Lymphatic Drainage & Biodynamic Craniosacral sessions 

Includes hot steamed towels. This is an exquisite and therapeutic experience that takes you to a blissful state of relaxation.

The feet walk upon the earth and through this your spirit is connected to the universe.
~ Jenny Wallace, Cherokee foot therapist.

Get yourself grounded and you can navigate even the stormiest roads in peace.
~ Steve Goodier

Integrative Reflexology works primarily on the feet.It can tap into and open up the systems and organs to allow your body to transport important information about the source and nature of any neurological and metabolic imbalances within the body.
~ Claire Marie Miller

Balance in the body begins with feet, for the basic work of foot and ankle is to offer a reliable base by which the upper body can relate to the horizontal plane of the earth… Feet are tattletales. Every imbalance at higher levels shows unmistakably in feet and ankles. 
~Ida Rolf

Integrative Reflexology at SeaRhythms Healing Arts in Charlottesville, VA 22911

Reflexology at SeaRhythms Healing Arts in Charlottesville, VA 22911About Reflexology

  • The feet are one of the most densely innervated areas of the body.  There are more than 100,000 nerve endings in the feet alone!
  • Integrative Reflexology is deep nervous system work, and stimulates the body’s self-healing and detoxifying mechanisms.
  • Integrative Reflexology addresses structural issues in the feet that translate to the entire body.
  • Integrative Reflexology addresses the body’s natural energy meridians that flow through the entire body.  The meridians have been at the center of many healing practices for thousands of years in Eastern medicine.


  • It feels GOOD!
  • Reduces pain in the feet and in the whole body
  • Can improve balance and stability through structural integration
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Reduces tension in the entire body to improve blood flow and circulation in the tissues
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Helps to balance hormones and organ function
  • Facilitates an optimum state of homeostasis in all the body systems
  • Creates a state of deep relaxation
  • Can improves digestion and reduce constipation
  • Supports sinus drainage
  • Can induce labor contractions for full-term babies
  • Eases premenstrual symptoms
  • Reduces muscular tension throughout the body, including the neck, shoulders, hips, gluteals and spine
  • Can reduce swelling in the feet and lower limbs, which results in greater range of motion.
  • Elicits an overall sense of well-being

This is Heaven and Earth… embodied in you!

Please note that this is a holistic therapy that enhances the body’s natural healing process. It is not intended to take the place of medical treatment when that is necessary.