Lymphatic Drainage for Autoimmune Disorders

Lymphatic Drainage at SeaRhythms Healing Arts in Charlottesville, VA

The lymphatic system is at the heart of your immune system! Lymphatic drainage helps the symptoms of autoimmune disorders through its ability to work with the lymphatics to detoxify the body at the cellular level. This can reduce inflammation in the entire body. Inflammation is a central component of most autoimmune disorder symptoms.

Lymphatic drainage works similarly with any chronic inflammatory disorder, such as lymes, arthritis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia.

The techniques in lymphatic drainage use gentle skin stretching, which not only stimulates the lymphatic fluids, but also soothes the nervous system to bring reduced pain and calm any parasympathetic activation. In other words, it feels good, relaxes & calms you down, and reduces anxiety.

Healing Crisis

Often there is a healing crisis that occurs after receiving lymphatic treatment, for those who have been living with autoimmune symptoms or other inflammatory conditions. The detox can include fatigue and general malaise for a day or two. After this phase has passed, most people will notice a marked improvement in their wellbeing, and feel significantly better for a period of time.

Each successive lymphatic treatment will build on the one before, and the detox response will usually get shorter and milder each time, until it possibly disappears completely. Meanwhile, your sense of wellbeing will last longer and longer.

Recommended Treatment Plan

I recommend that my autoimmune clients receive treatment weekly when just starting out, for at least three sessions, and then begin to space it out to every other week, then every third week, finally going on a monthly maintenance schedule.

For those who are ready to commit to a treatment plan with the goal of feeling well and staying well, I have special packages available to make it easier for you.

Contact me today. I want to help you feel better!