Abdominal Massage & Visceral Mobilization

Mayan Abdominal Massage & Visceral Mobilization in Charlottesville, Va.

Abdominal Therapy

Abdominal Therapy at SeaRhythms Healing Arts in Charlottesville, VA

Available as an add-on to Lymphatic Drainage & Biodynamic Cranialsacral sessions

Help for adhesions, scars, digestive issues, genitourinary issues, pain & stress relief! 

Visceral massage gently treats the muscles, ligaments and fascia in the abdomen, pelvis and low back, and other areas of the body that may be related to your symptoms. 

Can include a Castor Oil Pack, if desiredA castor oil pack further enhances the relaxation, anti-inflammatory, and immune system benefits of this therapy.

Benefits include:

  • positions organs optimally for good circulation and function
  • reduces scar tissue and adhesions from surgery, inflammation or injury
  • helps low back pain and pelvic pain
  • helps many urinary and reproductive issues such as incontinence and painful periods
  • helps many digestive issues, such as acid reflux, GERD, diverticulosis, constipation, and irritable bowel syndrome, in some cases can correct hiatal hernias
  • helps anxiety, which is often centered in the belly
  • reduces congestion and bloating
  • helps the body detox through improved lymphatic and immune system functioning
  • helps align spine and pelvis
  • helpful to prepare the body for getting pregnant (Fertility Massage)
  • very helpful for returning the abdomen to balance after childbirth.  

Description of a Typical Abdominal Therapy Session with a Castor Oil Pack 

A warm herb-infused castor oil pack is applied over the abdomen and covered with a heated compress. It will be allowed to work for about 30-40 minutes while you receive the rest of your full body session.  When the flannel pack is removed, the remaining oil is used to complete your Mayan abdominal & visceral mobilization massage. Any excess oil remaining on the belly can be removed with a warm steamed towel.

The flannel castor oil pack can be used many more times after the initial treatment, for as long as it still smells fresh. You can take it with you to use at home, or leave it with me to use exclusively for you in a future session.

***This treatment may not be appropriate if you have an IUD or Essure, have any active infections or cancer, or are pregnant***