Tammy Mundy, Lymphatic Drainage and Craniosacral Therapy in Charlottesville, VA

Tammy Mundy, LMT, CZB, CMLDT

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Licensed Massage Therapist in Charlottesville, VA for over 15 years!
Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist

Balance Your Inner Ocean.
Experience Greater Wellbeing.

“…before aquatic organisms could achieve those decisive moments when they took to the air and the ground, a means of permanently containing within the organism an adequate supply of the mothering and supporting medium of water had to be developed, so that each and every cell could continue to be bathed in the life-forming solutions of the sea.” — Deane Juhan, Job’s Body 

I work with the fluid dynamics of the Lymphatic System & Nervous System
to create more health and ease in the entire mind-body matrix

To ensure an effective lymphatic drainage session, I also integrate other types of bodywork as needed to address myofascial tension, alignment issues, and scar tissue, which can all interfere with healthy lymph flow. 

🎁 Value Packages – Save up to $20 per session

Lymphatic Drainage in Charlottesville, VA at SeaRhythms Healing Arts, Tammy Mundy Lymphatic Drainage Therapist

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

90 min $150 / 60 min $120

A clinically effective therapy using a specialized, gentle, & rhythmic type of massage that stimulates the movement of lymph fluid. This treatment is effective for whole body tissue detoxification, reducing inflammation, reducing swelling/ water retention, promoting healing after injury or surgery, reducing symptoms of most autoimmune conditions, and generally supporting the healthy function of the immune system. Creates more health at the cellular level.

The lymphatic fluid system is part of the immune system, and is vital to the detoxification and health of every other system, organ, and cell in the body. Lymphatic Drainage is helpful in addressing many different kinds of imbalances and unwanted symptoms.

Includes abdominal work in most cases.

Optional add-ons:
~Heaven & Earth Reflexology w/ hot towels
~Abdominal Castor Oil Pack
~15 min Craniosacral Therapy
~15 or 30 min of Biofield Tuning

Neuro-Lymphatic Drainage at SeaRhythms Healing Arts in Charlottesville, VA, Tammy Mundy, LMT

Neuro-Lymphatic Therapy

90 min $150

Neuro-Lymphatic Therapy is a specific full body lymphatic drainage protocol, that also integrates Craniosacral Therapy to address the lymphatics of the brain and central nervous system.

Recent research has shown that the fluid system in the craniosacral system (central nervous system), now known as the glymphatics, is an extension of the lymphatic system in the body, and functions similarly to clear waste and detoxify the brain and spinal cord.

Neuro-Lymphatic Therapy is clinically effective to reduce symptoms of neurological and neuro-degenerative conditions by increasing lymphatic flow in the body and the central nervous system, reducing congestion, inflammation, and waste build up - all of which are at the root of many disease processes.

Migraines/ Chronic Headaches, Brain Fog, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression, Glaucoma, Concussion, TBI, Stroke, and more.

Optional add-ons:
~Heaven & Earth Reflexology with hot towels
~Abdominal Castor Oil Pack
~15 or 30 min of Biofield Tuning

Post Op Lymphatic Drainage in Charlottesville, VA at SeaRhythms Healing Arts, Tammy Mundy, LMT

Lymphatic Drainage
Post-Op Care

$135 per session -OR-
Multi-session value package recommended up to six months post-op

C-sections, liposuction, tummy tuck, BBL, joint replacement, and more.

Patients have faster & better healing from surgical procedures with 3 or more lymph drainage sessions PRE-OP to clear out and prepare the body's detox system, and multiple sessions POST-OP to reduce swelling, manage scars, and assist optimal healing.

Optional Bodywork Add-Ons

Below are options available to add to your session when booking. Adds time to your treatment.

Craniosacral Therapy in Charlottesville, VA at SeaRhythms Healing Arts. Tammy Mundy, Craniosacral Practitioner

15 Min Craniosacral Therapy

$15 (15 min)

A wonderful way to end your Lymphatic Drainage session. Focused on integration and balance, this treatment can calm a busy mind, help you come to center, and access your own natural self-healing mechanisms. Typically induces an expansive state and a sense of weightlessness, bliss, and connection.

Reflexology at SeaRhythms Healing Arts in Charlottesville, VA 22911

Heaven & Earth Reflexology

$20 (15 min)

A heavenly experience grounded in feet that touch the earth. Includes hot steamed towels. This is an exquisite and therapeutic experience that takes you to a blissful state of relaxation. This is Heaven and Earth… embodied in you!

Abdominal Therapy at SeaRhythms Healing Arts in Charlottesville, VA

Abdominal Castor Oil Pack

$20 (15 min)

A heated Castor Oil Pack to enhance the relaxation, anti-inflammatory, and immune system benefits of your Lymphatic Drainage session. Excess oil is removed with hot steamed towels at the end of the treatment

Biofield Tuning in Charlottesville, VA at SeaRhythms Healing Arts. Tammy Mundy, Biofield Tuning Practitioner

Biofield Tuning

$15 (15 min) / $30 (30 min)

A sound therapy developed by Eilleen McKusick that uses tuning forks in the biofield surrounding the body, and also directly on the body. This is a wonderful add-on for Lymphatic Drainage, as Sound Therapy is being shown to be strongly beneficial for balancing the fluid body.

15 min - open the central channel, and the nerve plexus centers (chakras), & weighted forks on the body at major joints.

30 min - includes 15 min protocol plus some work in the biofield


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I want to help you feel better.

I bring all of my 15+ years of experience as a Massage Therapist & Wellness Professional to the table to help you reach your wellness goals.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Craniosacral Therapy, Zero Balancing, Abdominal Therapy,
Reflexology, Energy Work

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Licensed Massage Therapist ~ Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist
Craniosacral Practitioner ~ Certified Zero Balancer ~ Certified Integrative Reflexologist 

As a trauma informed therapist, I take care to create a healing space that is safe and supportive of your wellness goals.

The ideal time to address health problems is before they become health problems.

Many of my clients come for weekly, monthly, or seasonal treatments as part of their regular wellness routine. Regularly facilitating an optimum state of homeostasis in the body can help prevent more serious issues from developing.  Just like exercise, brushing your teeth, and eating your vegis, regular bodywork can help you maintain your health and wellbeing on an ongoing basis.

I have extensive training in many different types of bodywork, and I bring all of my knowledge and experience to the table to support you in reaching your wellness goals.