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Recent reviews of Tammy Mundy at SeaRhythms Healing Arts in Charlottesville, Va.

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Tammy Mundy, LMT - SeaRhythms Healing Arts
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 by Ande

Tammy is the best! I have been healing from serious illness for the past year and she has been so helpful in assisting me in my healing process. She's so intuitive! I always leave feeling better! (Google review)

 by Taylor

Tammy has been such an important part of my pregnancy. My sessions with her have all been unbelievably relaxing and restorative. Tammy really creates a comfortable space to open up, where I feel I can not only share things going on with my pregnancy and my body with her, but also I sense during sessions that she knows where I am hurting or aching before I even say anything! It is really special. She is easy going, in tune with energy and gentle. I cannot imagine my pregnancy without her and her amazing massages - I already booked postnatal appointments with her! I can't say enough great things about my experience with her.

 by Leigh

Tammy Mundy is a qualified, experienced, and in-tune healer. I highly recommend her and her services. Through much searching online and asking within my community, I found Sea Rhythms after asking the universe for assistance. Over the last few years there have been a few recurring physical manifestations that just were out of my reach of conscious awareness. While working with Tammy my mind, body, emotions, and soul were harmonized, making large improvements in my overall wellbeing. I am greatly appreciative. Thank you for sharing your gifts Tammy.

 by Melinda

Tammy Mundy from SeaRhythms Healing Arts has been so important to me in keeping me together, body and mind, before my hip replacement. I was in very bad shape but she was able to keep me going until my recent surgery. Now she has been helping my body deal with the effects of surgery. 1 hour with Tammy and you will get a taste of how wonderful you CAN feel. She is able to peel down the layers of pain like an onion. You just need to lie down and she can start the process of a pain free existence. Not only releasing body pain this process allowed me to picture a better future for myself. Subtle shifts became apparent...when my brain was released from the anguish of pain I saw much more clearly...of where I was and where I wanted to go with my nervous system was calmer, I slept better and had more energy. She was a god send. Together we have formed a strong alliance to support my body to hold this pain free existence and in turn keep my mind strong and positive to work for attaining MY highest goals for me at this time in my life. I could not have done this without you Tammy. Sending you blessings, gratitude and love. Xo

 by Amy

Tammy has an incredible wealth of knowledge and training that she leverages for her clients. She literally puts me back together when I see her and I leave feeling more balanced, have a sense of peace and well being and am relieved of pain. Give yourself the gift of a visit to Sea Rhytmns. It can literally impact every area of your life for the better ❤️

 by Tamara H.

Tammy is very in tune with your body . She knows where you're hurting without saying a word . She is a vital part of my health & well being.

 by Suzanne M.

Tammy is the best! She listens to your needs and addresses them with the utmost respect and compassion.

 by Lisa

Great! I visited 6 pre-natal massage therapists, and Tammy is the best. You can tell she's practiced her craft, because her hands feel absolutely delicious without me having to say, "oh, can you get this or that?" She's now my sole choice for weekly 90 minute pre-natal massage - and my little bunny in my tummy loves her too, she starts fluttering inside when Tammy starts the massage.

 by Elizabeth B.

Tammy and I have had many healing sessions but Tammy, being the dedicated therapist that she is, never stops looking for better healing ways to help her clients. Recently she asked me if I would like to try a new therapy called Zero Balancing. I agreed but was a little skeptical when I had it because it was so subtle, and I have had severe hip pain for a few years now that is so bad that I thought I might have to quit my nursing job. So I had the procedure and didn't feel very different right after, but let me tell you, after 2-3 days my pain was almost gone and I had my balance back. It was AMAZING. I feel better than I have in years and I don't even know how to thank Tammy for caring so much about my health and body. To me, she has miracle hands and I will always be grateful. If you think you might want to try it, don't hesitate. Zero Balancing truly worked wonders for me. I have now had my second session and will get a 3rd very soon. I can't wait because I know I will get better and better.

 by Lauren Y.

I’ve been a fan of massages for years, and although I always enjoy a good massage, I never felt like it really provided the long-lasting relief I was looking for. I have deeply embedded lower back pain along with tight, tense shoulders that often creep up toward my ears as a result of tension and poor posture. At one point last month, I woke myself up at night having painful muscle spasms between my shoulder blades that made it painful to breathe! Around that time, I received Tammy’s email about Zero Balancing, and although I was skeptical, I figured it couldn’t make my discomfort worse. The first session was rough—there was a lot of pain and discomfort (both physical and emotional) that poured out of me, and Tammy was so patient and compassionate with me. I felt ten pounds lighter after the end of that first session. After my second session, I felt huge relief in my shoulders and noticed my posture was significantly improved. I also got a lot of relief in my legs and feet (I spend about 10 hours a day on my feet, so they tend to be sore/tender). Today was my third session and I feel like a million bucks. This is the relief I was always looking for but couldn’t quite get from regular massage—this is a powerful physical and energetic form of healing and I am going to be a Zero Balancing regular from here on out!


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Marcia S.

I didn’t know what to expect, but the Zero Balancing sessions engendered a sense of well-being, deep relaxation, and freedom of movement.

Review of Tammy Mundy

Laura H.

I found the Zero Balancing sessions very helpful in dealing with physical issues, especially in terms of posture and balance. Although I am not sure of about the mind-body aspects the physical improvement did create a feeling of confidence in walking, etc. that I had lost.

Review of Tammy Mundy

Lisa G.

I came to this body work without any major problems or expectations, just a whole lot of curiosity. What I noticed more than anything was it’s effect on my posture. Each time I got up from the table, I felt taller and incredibly straight, without having to strain to be that way. It just felt better than my usual slight slouching, so that’s what my body did. Other than that, I felt very coddled. Tammy has a wonderful touch and the whole process is very relaxing and enjoyable, even though it involves probing some tender/tense areas. She is wonderful. I have no doubt that this is a powerful technique. It almost makes me wish I had some physical problems to solve…Thank you Tammy!

Review of Tammy Mundy

Diana S.

I want to let you know that yesterday’s massage seemed to fix all my ailments, and there were so many I didn’t know where to begin telling you. When I left your office I felt so much better —99%. I was hoping to feel good today, but actually feel even better than when I left you yesterday. I am amazed at how much you accomplished. Bodywork is truly what you do. I slept like a baby and today feel 100%. Thank you for your magic.

Review of Tammy Mundy

Shanna D.

As a woman and mother Tammy you are truly a blessing from God. I came to you with muscle spams,sciatic nerve pain and more. But you took the time to assess my problems areas and quickly came up with a plan. You are so excellent at what you do and now I’m a regular client! I see a difference in my body and things we go through as women, I’m very happy and I feel great every time I leave. Truly a mind, body and soul healing massage…try it!!

Review of Tammy Mundy

Beth S.

I had a wonderful prenatal massage when I was about 28 weeks pregnant. I left feeling like I could breath easier and that several of my aches and pains related to pregnancy were alleviated. Thanks!

Review of Tammy Mundy

Brooke W.

Tammy got me in quickly after I walked a marathon and was a miracle worker. I had absolutely no pain the next day. It was the most healing massage I have EVER had! She is excellent!

Review of Tammy Mundy

Janice D.

I had been experiencing severe back pain that was making it difficult to sleep at night. This went on for months until I saw Tammy. I slept reasonably well that night, felt a little sore the next day (the good sore, where muscles, connective tissues, and bones are all moving back to their correct places), and the second night I actually slept the entire night. Tammy’s studio is a clean and soothing place to be. Tammy is very professional, but I particularly appreciated her warm personality. I felt completely safe and comfortable, and Tammy was fantastic about providing the exact right amount of pressure to apply. I work at a desk all day, but our bodies are not designed for this. I will be seeing Tammy regularly going forward because I know she can alleviate the pain caused by sitting all day, and I trust her to prevent future pain. I have already recommended her to a friend!

Review of Tammy Mundy

Sabrina S.

I am 39 weeks pregnant and saw Tammy for a prenatal massage. I am so glad that I did! She made me feel super comfortable with multiple pillows for support while I lay on both my sides and in a reclined position. She eased the tension in my shoulders from too much time at the computer and in my calves from the troublesome pregnancy-related leg cramps. Best of all she worked wonders on the sciatic-like pain I have been feeling down through my hip and leg. I highly recommend seeing Tammy – just don’t wait until 39 weeks like I did!

Review of Tammy Mundy

Erin O.

I visited Tammy at SeaRhythms based on a friend’s recommendation, as I wanted to visit a reliable place and a massage therapist for my first-ever massage. I hoped to feel more relaxed spiritually and physically after the massage, and Tammy helped me achieve exactly that. The room was comfortable- soft sheets on the table, ambient noise, soothing scents- and Tammy was extremely comforting. She’s friendly and warm with a calming presence. I enjoyed the experience so much that I booked an appointment for next month and am looking forward to massage number two!

Review of Tammy Mundy

Jennifer A.

Tammy did a great job with my hot stone massage. She was very accommodating to my scent sensitivities and made me feel totally comfortable and relaxed. I wished it had been an hour longer when I left!

Review of Tammy Mundy

Liz T.

After reading Yelp reviews of how amazing Tammy was, I decided to try SeaRhythms. The reviews were spot on, not only did Tammy make me feel comfortable she gave an amazing massage.

Review of Tammy Mundy


This was a lovely, relaxing massage. I like DEEP tissue massages, so I have to admit that this massage was a little “lighter” in touch than exected, but I have to pleasantly admit that it still resulted in a total relaxation of my chronic knots and muscle tightness. Tammy is an excellent masseuse; very relaxing, professional. I would highly recommend her. I had the additional hot stones and foot scrub and they really complemented the whole experience. Nice, small office space.

Review of Tammy Mundy

Carol S.

I can’t remember a time when I’ve been in more need of stress relief and I’m so glad I finally scheduled a massage. It was the perfect beginning of a long-weekend mini vaca and I will definitely do it again. Tammy is gifted in what she does and I’m glad to have found her! Highly recommend the reflexology foot scrub at the end. I have experienced constant foot pain for years and it was heavenly relief.

Review of Tammy Mundy

Donna C.

My massage with Tammy was very healing and restorative. I walked in feeling the stress and tightness of the day and walked out refreshed and energized. I’ve been getting massages for years and I can honestly say Tammy is one of the best – a true professional with exceptional skill. I’m looking forward to my next session.

Review of Tammy Mundy