Janice D.

I had been experiencing severe back pain that was making it difficult to sleep at night. This went on for months until I saw Tammy. I slept reasonably well that night, felt a little sore the next day (the good sore, where muscles, connective tissues, and bones are all moving back to their correct places), and the second night I actually slept the entire night. Tammy’s studio is a clean and soothing place to be. Tammy is very professional, but I particularly appreciated her warm personality. I felt completely safe and comfortable, and Tammy was fantastic about providing the exact right amount of pressure to apply. I work at a desk all day, but our bodies are not designed for this. I will be seeing Tammy regularly going forward because I know she can alleviate the pain caused by sitting all day, and I trust her to prevent future pain. I have already recommended her to a friend!