Benefits of Zero Balancing: Introduction

Zero Balancing at SeaRhythms Massage & Bodywork in Charlottesville, VA 22911, Tammy Mundy

Below is an introduction and overview of the benefits of Zero Balancing, a holistic mind-body therapy that can help you feel good mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Six benefits of Zero Balancing:

  • Improves breathing and joint mobility
  • Promotes postural alignment, optimal flow of energy and inner harmony
  • Addresses musculoskeletal pain and biomechanical imbalances
  • Helps reduce stress-related symptoms and release tissue-held memory
  • Provides support and stability through transformational processes, such as a move, a job change, a new relationship or a loss
  • Deepens the body’s experience of feeling relaxed, stable and whole

Do you have questions about any of these? In the upcoming weeks, I will be elaborating on each of these benefits in separate posts, so stay tuned!

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