Are you ready to heal your chronic pain?

Chronic Pain Relief at SeaRhythms in Charlottesville, VA 22911

I want to support you in reaching your wellness goals.

My signature holistic therapy, Integrative Therapeutic Bodywork, is based on several forms of osteopathic, orthopedic, and neurofascial bodywork, integrated as needed, to support you in your healing and getting relief from pain that you may not have been able to achieve before.

I’ve done hundreds of sessions with clients who have chronic pain and I have seen almost all of them improve. I’ve worked with a range of clients — those diagnosed with fibromyalgia, those who have chronic pain from years of desk work, those who have had injuries from exercise, work, or other accidents, those with old injuries that never healed properly. Many have had multiple types of therapies and even surgeries, but have found little relief from their pain.  Most of these clients have experienced improvement and many have had a long lasting reversal of symptoms within 3-5 sessions with me.

360 Turn-Around

How do you imagine life could be different if you didn’t have the chronic pain?

If you can imagine it, you can make it happen!  Get started on actually living that life you envisioned. You could feel significantly better, and possibly pain-free, within 3-5 sessions of the 360 Turn Around package.

When beginning this therapy, I recommend three weekly sessions to start, then two biweekly sessions, and then follow-up as needed. Consider carefully if you can make that time commitment before purchasing.  I do my best to make it worth the investment!

When you purchase any of the packages below, it will be loaded into your account and is immediately available to use when booking your sessions.

  • New Client – 5 Sessions Integrative Bodywork – $422 (save 12%)
    Package includes your first 90 min session, plus 4 more 60 min follow-up sessions.  I recommend you use this package for three weekly sessions, and then two biweekly sessions. Can also be used for Abdominal-focused sessions.
  • New Client – 3 Sessions Integrative Bodywork – $270 (save 10%)
    Package includes your first 90 min session, plus 2 more 60 min follow-up sessions.  I recommend you use this package for three weekly sessions. Can also be used for Abdominal-focused sessions.

Let’s make this a regular thing

Once you are feeling better, it is so much easier to stay in balance than it is to start from scratch all over again later down the road.  Here are some ways to save $$ on regular bodywork. Just like exercise, brushing your teeth, and eating your vegis, regular bodywork can help you maintain your health and wellbeing on an ongoing basis.

Monthly Wellness Membership
Save $10 per session, when you commit to a monthly 60 minute bodywork session for at least 6 months. Your credit card will be automatically charged on the same day each month, and all you need to do is book your appointment!

This therapy gets results!

For those with long standing chronic pain it may take a few sessions to get the pain to stay away for longer periods of time, but even the very first session is likely to result in an immediate improvement.  I almost always see my clients get up off the table displaying better posture, deeply relaxed and free of tension, and able to move easier in their bodies with less discomfort.  Many write to me soon after their sessions to tell me they can’t believe how much better they feel.

Again, I’ve done hundreds of sessions with clients who have chronic pain and almost all have shown improvement in their symptoms.  Most have also experienced lasting relief from their pain within 3-5 sessions.

When you begin this therapy you begin to reverse the pain cycle, and then you keep correcting the imbalances until the body restores itself to a cycle of health rather than pain.  Even for those who come in with significant discomfort, a session is extremely relaxing and feels like such a relief because FINALLY a therapist is getting to exactly where it hurts.  It feels wonderful to have someone actually reaching that bone deep pain you’ve been living with for so long. That’s what this therapy can do — it can get right to the bone deep pain and help you to heal.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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I approach chronic pain holistically, using the following osteopathic modalities to treat the whole body on multiple levels.

Zero Balancing (ZB) works on a structural and energetic level.  Using this approach I can help you release deeply held tension and create better alignment for easier movement and kinetic energy flow through your body. My clients almost always see an improvement in their pain symptoms, even after their first session.  ZB facilitates the balancing of the structures of your body with the energies that animate it.  And it feels wonderful! 

I also use Craniosacral Therapy to palpate and read the entire body, and engage with the body’s natural health and wisdom. We all know that when faced with an injury or illness the body knows how to use its resources to destroy pathogens and knit tissues back together again. You’ve seen a cut heal or gotten better from the flu, right?  Likewise, the body knows how to heal it’s chronic pain when given the right support. Craniosacral therapy engages with this intelligence in the body and encourages healing from the inside out.  It is also an excellent approach in helping to resolve nerve pain, such as sciatica, carpal tunnel, spinal stenosis, trigeminal nerve pain, as well as migraines, TMJD, and many, many other conditions.

As the deeper currents of underlying tension and imbalance are addressed, I add in other techniques, as needed, to soothe and relax the soft tissues, and may also include some abdominal work. I bring all of my experience to the table to help you reach your wellness goals.



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