Myofascial Therapy

Myofascial – refers to muscle tissue (myo)
and the connective tissue (fascia) that is in and around it.


All the bodywork modalities I use involve some form of myofascial therapy.

Injuries, Dysfunction, & Pain

When stressed or injured, the muscle and connective tissue can become swollen and painful, form painful trigger points, scar tissue, tightness, numbness, decreased mobility, and other dysfunction.  Treatment consists of massage, acupressure, trigger point therapy, stretching, active and passive movements, lymph massage to address swelling & pain, specific scar tissue work, and/or negative pressure massage cupping.


Stress is one of the primary factors that negatively affects our health.  It is at the root of many illnesses and contributes greatly to a reduced quality of life.  Zero Balancing, Craniosacral Therapy, and any rhythmic soothing massage can all calm the central nervous system and induce a deep state of relaxation that effectively reduces stress.  A relaxed and calm nervous system encourages a relaxed musculoskeletal system, and can help resolve many myofascial dysfunctions.

These are some of the teachers I have learned from and the styles of myofascial therapy that I tend to integrate into my therapeutic sessions:

  • Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques (Erik Dalton)
  • Orthopedic Massage (James Walaski)
  • Core Alignment Technique (Eeris Kallil)
  • Advanced Myofascial Techniques (Til Luchau)
  • ACE Massage Cupping (Anita Shannon)
  • Thai Massage on the Table (Mukti Michael Buck)